Leading telecom operators and energy companies work with Neurocom


  • A 360° approach in the way businesses handle their sales compensation process.
  • Align and motivate your sales force to boost revenue.
  • Designed specifically for telcos and natural fit for every sales organization.

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Inter-Carrier Billing

  • Built for optimized performance.
  • 1 billion Call Detail Records (CDRs) in approximately 4 hours end to end.
  • Millions invoiced and counting.

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Inter-Carrier Billing
Inter-Carrier Billing
Inter-Carrier Billing

Wholesale Billing

  • Accurate and timely invoicing for telecom operators, FTTH providers and ISPs.
  • Simple and succinct API for effortless integration.
  • Exceptional performance: ~400K billable events processed in ~20 min end to end.

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Wholesale Billing
Wholesale Billing

Case Studies

Software engineering highlights.
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Data Engineering

Serving hot, fresh, big data for telcos every day.

See how transitioning from Oracle warehouse builder to ODI can be a breeze.

Postal Address Resolution

Reducing delivery costs for the leading courrier company in Greece.

95% accuracy on post address resolution from hand written texts.

Revenue Forecasting

Empowering Telco Decision-Making

C-level dashboard for a leading telco.

Messaging Gateway

Delivering ~1K MT SMS per second.

Blazingly fast prepaid notifications.


Mediating the whole prepaid platform.

~39ms median response latency on Openshift.

Data Cleansing

Customer data cleansing and unification for a leading energy provider.

Greek language analytics for big datasets.

Achieve great results. Fast.

Unlock your team’s full potential with the transformative power of the Neurocom catalyst.

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