Case Study

Revenue Forecasting

The executive team of a leading telecommunications company recognized the need for a real-time leading indicator on revenue, enabling them to monitor the performance of various ingredients such as portfolio, individual products, and campaigns. To address this critical requirement, they sought a solution that would satisfy specific criteria, ensuring accuracy, real-time forecasting and comprehensive portfolio support.


To gain valuable insights into revenue performance, the telco executive team set forth specific criteria that the solution had to meet. The key challenges were as follows:

  1. Accuracy: The forecasted revenue had to closely align with the actual billing, providing reliable insights into financial performance.

  2. Real-Time Forecasting: Each order’s forecasted revenue had to be generated in near real-time, enabling prompt decision-making and immediate action.

  3. Comprehensive Portfolio Support: The solution needed to accommodate the telco’s full commercially available portfolio, encompassing all products and offerings.


To address these challenges head-on, Neurocom software engineering team leveraged Neurocom Surprice . Our approach involved building a seamless interface between Surprice’s rating engine and the telco’s existing product catalog, then tapping in the order management pipeline to produce future invoices upon order data reception. This integration ensured that all product definitions, including charges, bundles, and discounts, would be instantly available as soon as orders were received for processing.

By combining these crucial variables, we generated comprehensive forecasts and predicted revenue outcomes with precision accross the telco’s entire portfolio.


The impact of our solution was remarkable. The dashboard built on the rating engine forecasts quickly became the go-to reference for daily business decisions at the C-Level. With real-time insights into revenue performance, the executive team gained a comprehensive understanding of how different components of their portfolio were performing. This empowered them to make data-driven decisions swiftly and confidently, ensuring optimal financial outcomes.

Furthermore, the dashboard served as a valuable tool for fine-tuning campaigns. With the ability to adjust campaign characteristics in a matter of hours rather than months, teams could proactively optimize their marketing strategies, targeting the right audience and maximizing campaign effectiveness.

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