Blazingly fast rating and pricing optimization engine for telecom offerings

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Immediately understand the impact of your pricing decisions

Neurocom’s Surprice computes actual or future/simulated invoices across your product portfolio based on actual or predicted usage. Surprice supports all pricing elements you would expect from a modern product portfolio: Access fees, free units (with or without roll-over), tiered tariffs (per call or aggregated), discounts etc. etc.

Surprice is written in Java and is able to rate millions of CDRs per second even on a mid-range laptop. Its’ rating engine powers Neurocom’s inter-carrier billing solution.

Revenue forecasting

Benefit from a real-time leading indicator on company performance at all levels (portfolio, individual product, campaign).

Surprice taps in your order management pipeline, predicts future revenues based on actual products ordered and predicted usage, and calculates the impact of each and every order on your revenue.

Does your latest campaign produce the desired results? Find out an order of magnitude faster than waiting for the first bills to arrive.

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Best offer Identification

Surprice enables you to identify not only the next best offer to propose to your customer but also the appropriate discount to increase adoption.

Real-time information for sales agents
  • Inform your sales agents about the impact of the order they are preparing on ARPU - and their compensation
  • Link sales compensation to ARPU uplift
  • Calculate commissions based on revenue forecast vs heuristics


Find out how you can have a view of your future revenues today.
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