Text Analytics & Data Cleansing

By applying sophisticated algorithms and techniques, text analytics empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions based on facts hidden in unstructured text data sources such as customer feedback, social media posts, surveys, articles, and more.

But algorithms themselves are not enough. Language-specific resources are equally important for improving the accuracy and performance of NLP systems, even the most advanced ones.

Lexicons, dictionaries, POS taggers, morphological analyzers, NER resources, language models, and grammar rules, provide crucial linguistic knowledge and context to algorithms.

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Text Analytics & Data Cleansing

Leap ahead of your competition with NLP engineering.

When your primary text data sources are in Greek, your analytic capabilities can go much further than the ones provided by English-centric tools.

NLP mastery + Greek language resources = Unique capabilities and insights

For the text analytics practice Neurocom collaborates with Neurolingo, a company specializing in natural language processing and having developed a wealth of Greek language resources such a dictionary, a speller and a morphological analyzer.

By leveraging these resources, algorithms can better understand and process language-specific phenomena, leading to improved accuracy and performance in various NLP applications. See how

Benefit from our text analytics practice to convey deep understanding from Greek text data sources in areas such as

  • Text Mining / Information Extraction
  • Semantic Indexing
  • Advanced Search Based Applications
  • Sentiment Analysis / Opinion Mining
  • Master Data Management / Data Cleansing

Mnemosyne - the modular NLP platform

Mnemosyne is Neurolingo’s versatile and powerful NLP platform that offers a wide range of capabilities for semantic information extraction, summarization, interpretation, and organization, built on top of the Eclipse platform .

Mnemosyne incorporates Neurolingo’s

  • advanced linguistic resources and computational tools
  • related experience in a both R&D and commercial projects

aiming at the automatic processing and analysis of information sources for the identification, retrieval & extraction of valuable information/data with emphasis in the Greek language.

Harness the power of Neurocom’s text analytics practice

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