Inter-Carrier Billing

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Inter-Carrier Billing

Advanced capabilities and lightning-fast performance.

Neurocom’s inter-carrier billing solution stands out in the telecom industry by offering a complete, highly configurable interconnection platform for telecom operators.

In addition to offering origin-based pricing, A, B or A/B number charging, for regulated or non-regulated services, transit scenarios, swap or volume based agreements, SMS (P2P, A2P, Roaming) and MMS traffic management, Neurocom’s Inter-Carrier Billing solution goes beyond common features found in the industry to provide a wide range of advanced functionalities that give operators greater control and flexibility in their interconnection operations:

Amazing performance

The amazing achievement of processing 1 billion Call Detail Records (CDRs) in approximately 4 hours demonstrates the exceptional efficiency and speed of Neurocom’s Inter-Carrier Billing solution. At the core of this impressive performance is the solution’s fast-rating engine which of sets it apart from other offerings in the industry.

Neurocom’s fast-rating engine ensures that day-to-day processing is seamless for end users, eliminating any disruptions or delays in the billing process. It efficiently handles vast amounts of data, effortlessly accommodating large variations in traffic volumes that may occur from month to month.

What makes Neurocom’s solution even more remarkable is that it achieves such exceptional processing speed without requiring substantial hardware resources. This means that telecom operators can benefit from its powerful capabilities without incurring exorbitant costs associated with hardware upgrades or additional infrastructure

Billing reconciliation and settlement

Neurocom’s Inter-Carrier Billing solution incorporates an application specifically designed to reconcile partners’ billing files with the traffic rated by the billing platform. This application plays a crucial role in ensuring accuracy and transparency throughout the billing process.

The reconciliation feature of Neurocom’s solution works by comparing and cross-referencing data from both the partners’ billing files and the traffic rated by the Neurocom billing platform. By carefully analyzing the information, any discrepancies or inconsistencies can be identified and resolved promptly. This process helps to minimize billing errors, avoid revenue leakage, and maintain trust between telecom operators and their partners.

With the reconciliation application in place, Neurocom’s Inter-Carrier Billing solution streamlines the settlement process between telecom operators and their partners. By accurately reconciling the billing data, the solution simplifies financial operations, reduces disputes, and fosters a cooperative environment. Telecom operators can rely on the solution to provide clear and comprehensive reports that facilitate smooth settlement negotiations and financial transactions.

In addition to its role in financial operations, the reconciliation feature also contributes to regulatory compliance. By ensuring that billing data aligns with the agreements and regulations in place, Neurocom’s Inter-Carrier Billing solution helps operators meet their obligations and maintain compliance with industry standards.

Processing and management of price lists

In the dynamic landscape of the telecom industry, where prices are subject to daily changes, Neurocom’s Inter-Carrier Billing solution offers a highly efficient process for processing price lists received from international operators.

With Neurocom’s solution, telecom operators can seamlessly update price lists within the billing platform. The solution’s advanced capabilities enable it to extract prices lists from emails received from international operators, upload them in the billing platform, detect and apply changes in number ranges, destinations, and prices as required.

This automation minimizes the need for manual intervention, saving time and reducing the risk of human error in the price uploading process.

Neurocom’s Inter-Carrier Billing solution ensures that billing information remains accurate and up to date. Operators can confidently rely on the system to reflect the most recent pricing changes

Comprehensive monitoring

Neurocom’s Inter-Carrier Billing solution includes a complete monitoring system that guarantees network events are effectively transmitted to the billing platform. It ensures that all relevant data, such as call records, usage statistics, and billing information, are processed end-to-end without loss or corruption. This monitoring capability enhances the reliability and integrity of the billing process, providing operators with accurate insights into network performance.

Revenue sharing module

For operators engaging in Premium Rate Services (PRS) and Premium SMS offerings, Neurocom offers an optional module for multi-level revenue sharing between the operator and its partners. This module enables flexible revenue allocation and distribution based on predefined agreements. By automating revenue sharing calculations, Neurocom simplifies the complex process of managing and settling revenue between multiple parties.

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